Fiction Friday: Micropoetry from the Book

My eye was single to the glory of Elder Roberts—
to the promise of celestial glory with him.
In Heaven, we would be One in purpose.

All this I do,
I do for thee,
was my valentine
to Elder Roberts—
the boy whose face
would become a man’s
when he found out what
I had done.

As God knew the fall of every sparrow,
He knew every hair on my head.
Had one come up out of the water,
I would’ve had to do it again.

To marry Elder Roberts,
I had to confess my love for another Man—
I had to worship the ground
from which He’d created me.

I was Katryn to Elder Roberts,
but to David, I would become Katerina,
& to Evan, simply Katia.
Each name told me what they thought of me.

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