The Bridge That Took Walks in the Park

The last time they met,
M. knew it would be the last,
but he did not.
Lollygags had been her constant companion—
not a seeing-eye dog,
but a GPS for lasting love.
And when M. died,
leaving her beloved friend behind,
he picked up her care where M. had left off.
As one dog year passed,
it came to pass that Lolly led him to his second love,
after which the last remnant of his first
passed away,
having served her masters well.
For she had been the thing
that had kept The Others away,
but the being that had brought The One
his way.

4 thoughts on “The Bridge That Took Walks in the Park

  1. Aw, thanks! Just a little background, an episode of “Law and Order” (believe it or not) inspired this. This poem gave that episode a happy ending. 🙂

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