The Abundance of Life (is Life Itself)

The magic of childhood

Life is used, life is wasted
Life is consumed, sometimes whole
Life is created, life is destroyed
Life is saved, sometimes sacrificed
Life is spent, invested, & given
Life is quantifiable
Life is measured, life is weighed
Life is labeled & categorized
Life is mismatched & disorganized
Life is nurturing our nature
Life is making the most of the cards Fate has dealt
Life is making love, making babies
Life is perspective, ever-changing
Life is learning from the mistakes of others
Life is learning from our mistakes
Life is learning the hard way
Life is unfiltered—acidic in its rawness
Life is non-renewable
Life is uninsurable
Life is salvaged from the remnants of the past
Life is in the present
Life is change & comes in waves
Life is about second chances & seventy times sevens
Life is a series of deaths & rebirths
Life is built & rebuilt, deconstructed & reconstructed
Life is one mistake from ruin
Life is in the details that make up the big picture
Life is one person from another’s destiny
Life is history & herstory
Life is a fairy tale, a horror story, a mystery, a comedy, a tragedy
Life is an autobiography, a series of memoirs
Life is a memory
Life is remembering
Life is forgetting
Life is laughter & tears & everything in between
Life is imagination, reimagined
Life is exploring, discovering, creating, & recreating
Life is more than productivity
Life is a dance
Life is music (but not a musical)
Life is a series of awkward moments
Life is a string of amazing moments
Life is lived through our phones, captured with lenses, recorded, sometimes forgotten
Life is imitated, sometimes fabricated
Life is an open-ended question, a close-minded answer
Life is what happens when we’re not paying attention
Life is judged
Life is a sentence
Life is incarceration before conviction
Life is a reward, a punishment
Life is circuitous
Life is meritorious
Life is making things work
Life is work
Life is valuable & invaluable
Life is lost, life is found
Life is fact-&-fiction & matter-of-fact
Life is show-&-tell
Life is hiding
Life is seeking
Life is movement
Life is a journey to a destination, with many stops along the way
Life is passing by
Life is passing through
Life is the fork in the road that separates continuously
Life is parting ways
Life is unplanned
Life is making plans
Life is shared with the right people, squandered on the wrong people
Life is forgotten in attics, imprisoned in basements
Life is conceived in sin, born of the water
Life is as spiritual as it is carnal
Life is haphazard
Life is hazardous
Life is walking on the x-axis & climbing on the y-axis
Life is an imaginary number
Life is making things happen & not letting them happen
Life is in the fingerprint, the iris, the genome
Life is in the heart, the brain, the marrow
Life is stored in bags of A, AB, B, O
Life is positive & negative
Life is added, then subtracted, & sometimes prevented
Life is pasteurized
Life is learning, teaching, unlearning, & reteaching
Life is fragile
Life is resilient
Life is complicated, complex
Life is the result of a fallen world
Life is what it’s about
Life is the answer to the question
Life is the party
Life is the four loves
Life is etched in fine lines, filled in with scars
Life is a blurred line
Life is endured with gravity, enjoyed with levity
Life is a verb, a noun, a condition, a state of being
Life is the shine of the metaphor
Life is in the words we say & don’t say
Life is a series of commas, periods, & semicolons
Life is in the parentheses & between the lines
Life is conception-birth-life-ministry-death-resurrection-ascension-exaltation
Life is weddings & funerals, holidays & reunions
Life is lived through our children & relived through our parents
Life is the beach at all tides
Life is moments of silence & hours of conversation
Life is in the things we carry & in the things we leave behind
Life is the apple in the pie
Life is a blip, a continuum
Life is a list poem, not subject to duplication or redos
Life is an echo, a shadow
Life is living while dying
Life is planted & harvested, premature & overripe
Life is uprooted & replanted
Life is breaking down & having breakdowns
Life is stepping outside ourselves to find ourselves
Life is the other senses that add context to what we see & hear
Life is lived for God
Life is lived without Him
Life is lived in fear of Him, for love of Him
Life is being odd, getting even
Life is breaking barriers, setting boundaries
Life is miscommunication
Life is making sense of nonsense
Life is what others make of it & what we make of what’s left
Life is unfashionable among the existentialists
Life is the selling of oneself, at times, to oneself
Life is seeing things as they are & as we want them
Life is larger than lifelikeness
Life is in the Earth
Life is in the blood & the water
Life is eviction from the womb
Life is sometimes dishonorably discharged
Life is a clump of cells, rapidly dividing
Life is a beating heart
Life is a fertilized egg & the last breath of life
Life is timed; it is about time
Life is extremely fast & incredibly slow
Life is fluid, but never frozen
Life is everything, but not all at once
Life is the sunshine & the moonshine; in the waxing of the moon & the waning of the sun
Life is the frost melting from the leaves, the dew beading on the rose
Life is the meteor showers & the sun baths
Life is in the weeds & the wildflowers
Life is in the fruit trees that grow without care
Life is on the seabed & in the heavens
Life is in the firmament
Life is energy
Life is matter
Life is love
Life is brave
Life is beautiful


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