Fiction Friday: Novelines from the Book

My friends had jobs, boyfriends, cars. I began to want what they had, when before, David had always been enough.

“I would say forever, but good-bye is never forever in the Church. God be with you till we meet again in the celestial kingdom,” he said.

In Mother’s eyes, the Church was God. Nothing they would ever do & nothing I could ever say would sway her, for God had been re-created in their image.

Seven days had passed since I had received Elder Roberts’ letter, each day feeling like 1000 years, or “God” years.

The way Caitlin looked at Mr. Hobson just then was a way she had never looked at David—as a father.

The Hobson family had become part of the fabric of Green Haven, even as we had become the scraps that had been discarded.

I felt as if a whole new world was opening to me, for now that Mother had left mine, it left more room for other things, & other people.

In a few months, the Hobsons were very much a part of the town, whereas we were still finding our place in Green Haven, being “The Others.”

The space around Brad became my confessional, for Brad became my priest during those days when I believed Elder Roberts was gone from me forever.

As I began to be like other teenagers, David’s influence on me lessened. He was no longer the entirety of my world.

As the month drew closer to the Christmas holidays, without any word from Elder Roberts, I finally said good-bye in my heart to my Mormon soldier.

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