What She Thought Her Husband Thought of Her

She was the maker,
the baker,
the home away from home maker.
She was the poet,
the liar,
the thief of the words of others,
She was the woman who left dishes in the sink
her lipstick on all the coffee cups,
her empty cups in the car.
She was the woman who forgot things
because she didn’t listen to him,
for her mind was elsewhere,
far away from him.
She was the no-can-doer
at eight in the morning
with morning breath,
who got frisky on whiskey
in the evenings at home while
unwinding her high-strung self,
her brassiere tossed on the sofa
for their daughter to find
and put on her head.
She was the woman
with the can-do attitude
when it came to her work,
her studies,
their children,
for all of these things
commanded her attention,
sometimes simultaneously.
Yet she would tell him,
meaning it–
that even though she didn’t do
these things for him,
he, nevertheless,
benefitted from her doing them.
For in doing these things,
she became her best self–
the deeply flawed woman he loved–
even though he often wondered
what she thought of him.

3 thoughts on “What She Thought Her Husband Thought of Her

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