12 More Feature Article Ideas for a College Newspaper


Not just the product, but the process. (I wrote a story on how our Lit Mag, Hurricane Review, came to be.)  This is where being involved in something, be it a club, organization, etc., can help you write a great story, because it’s like you’re undercover, except you’re not.

Advice column. This, of course, is dependent upon getting letters from students.  Same goes for Letters to the Editor.

Anniversaries of faculty, buildings, scholarship programs, etc.

Crosswords (make the clues humorous, if you can) & comics (i.e. editorial cartoons, preferably one that leans left and one that leans right).

Intramural sports (as these are underrepresented; for example, there is a “fastest student” contest at our college as well as archery on St. Valentine’s Day).

Hybrid humor (this can be a mock resume, horoscope, or even a syllabus).  I never realized how much I appreciate and respect the work that graphic designers do until I saw how they laid out this piece.


Jobs you can get with an English major. (This falls into the “Useful Information” category.)

“Guinness Record” profiles, such as youngest/oldest student, student with the longest last name, student who has clocked the most volunteer hours, etc.

Green living (such as how to repurpose/upcycle old issues of your school’s lit mag).

Plays, concerts, poetry readings, etc.  If you’re packaging it as a feature story (rather than a hard news article), implement sensory details.  “Just the facts, ma’am” tell them about it; touch, taste, and smell take them there.

Awards ceremonies (I made sure to pull out my favorite line from of each winning piece in our college’s annual literary contest. If you’re a lit girl like me, this makes for a richer story).

Jobs for students. This might help other students find work outside the restaurant or retail sector.  Plasma donation is a given, but the work-study program offers students the chance to make money while studying (when there isn’t work to be done, of course).

What I don’t suggest:  Articles on study tips (as that falls into the “Who Cares?” column), stories about how damn high textbooks are (we all know this), or music playlists.  If you have a reviews section (book, movie, music, video game, app, etc.), put that in the online version of the paper, as that is information you can get from Google.  Keep print prestigious.


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