Summer Writing Mini-Workshop: Creative Writing Prompts


Writing prompts are a wonderful way to break through writer’s block. When I find myself stuck on a piece, I put it away & work on something else. This was one of the most interesting prompts I ever worked through, & my favorite from when I took a college level creative writing course.

Many of us remember where we were when something big happened. Use that event as a framework to build your narrative.

Posts about chocolate are always well-received. Just be sure to package it nicely, like any box of assorted truffles.
Give your community the “City Confidential” treatment. Like people, places have quirks.

If you find yourself stuck, make a list of things that come in sevens (the Seven Wonders of the Modern or Ancient Worlds, the seven dwarves, even the seven years of bad luck you’re supposed to get if you break a mirror) & write a poem (or group of short poems) based on the subject you choose.

Pick four related words, & write a riddle poem. Try using the following words: everything, nothing, something, & anything. See what you come up with. (You just might come up with as many different poems as there are Sonic beverage flavors.)

Childhood memories are some of the most vibrant. Think of something you loved as a child (a toy, a book, a game, et cetera), & write about it. You can make a favorite stuffed animal come to life, write a grown-up follow-up of a beloved book character, or a reimagined backstory of a game. Most importantly, just have fun with it.


3 thoughts on “Summer Writing Mini-Workshop: Creative Writing Prompts

    • Thank you! I appreciate the read and even more so that something in my post prompted you to write something from it!

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