Summer Writing Mini-Workshop: On Blogging


My writing tithe: No more than 10% of what you write should be given away for free (posted on blogs, social media outlets, etc.), but always post high-quality work. Your blog is your brand.

How dreary life would be without milestones, celebrations, & holidays. Share those that are your very own.

If you’ve written a book you can’t quite find a market for (yet), don’t despair. You can repurpose it by writing “creative promotions” for it on your blog. This has helped me edit my novel with a finer eye, producing some great little pieces in the meantime.

Even a rejection letter can make for an entertaining blog post.

Book reviews are a wonderful way to get blog views, because the book you’ve reviewed (hopefully) has a built-in readership. (Not to mention you don’t have to worry about coming up with an image.)

Don’t repost the quotations of others (even if you assign attribution), unless you are responding to that quote. Seek to mine your own words of wit or wisdom. There is nothing worse than to go to an author’s Instagram page & see it full of other people’s words.

A blog, unlike a painting, is a multi-layered work of art that cannot be seen all at once. Unlike a book, a blog is ever-evolving & has no end.

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