Summer Writing Mini-Workshop: Writing Truths


When you’re a writer, no experience is ever wasted.

Grit & realism are wonderful qualities, but an occasional spark of humanity is still needed to keep the fire going in the reader. You must give the reader something to live, or read, for.

In every story, there is a glimmer of the one that wrote it.

There’s a nugget of fiction to be mined from every grain of truth.

It’s perfectly okay to copy someone else’s style until you find your own. After all, children learn first by imitation.

Imitation being the sincerest form of flattery can lead to plagiarism; inspiration will not.
The more you know, the more you can write about.

How a poem sounds when read aloud is as important as how it looks on the page. Poetry can be both an auditory & visual experience.

Eyes may be the windows to the soul, but poetry is the door. Strip away the fictitious veneer, & you will expose the fine patina of one’s core.

If you don’t like a certain writer’s stories, don’t let that stop you from reading their books on writing.

If you don’t take the time to read, you will be an empty vessel. Reading isn’t just great exercise for the imagination, but it helps with mechanics (i.e. how words should be spelled).

A professionally-published piece is worth about a hundred million retweets.


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