All-American Club Sandwich: All White Bread, One Tomato, a Few Hams, Lots of Cheese, & Enough Lettuce to Never Need a Loo

When the Club Sandwich met at Pensacola Vice for drinks,
they played the one-upmanship game while
taking potshots at one another (or rather, marijuana hits).
They knew better than to play hardball in the house,
so they painted the town a psychedelic red
(a pigment also known as beating heart liberal).
While Mike & Carol (with Bob, Ted, & even Alice)
tripped through the Astroturf wonderland,
this Gang of 6,
more scrambled than a 3-animal omelet,
needed no chaperone,
for they entertained themselves & others—
Greg, Peter, Bobby, Jan, & Cindy in front of the cameras
& Marcia in front of the mirrors.

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