Red and Blue with Purple Fringe

One Tuesday morning
was colored night—
the city of 800 languages
lit up like
“The Star-Spangled Banner.”
Piles of rubble,
ashes of people,
were scattered–
the demolition and burial
practices of genocidal maniacs.
Remember Pearl Harbor
Remember 9/11.
When the smoke expanded
like the universe,
the sun penetrated
this environmental apocalypse

that went on a years-long
killing spree.
America did not go down gently;
American pride flourished
from every side.
The flag was put out–
not to be banned or burned,
but lauded and saluted.
The President was
everyone’s president.
Solidarity was only good
for ratings in the short term;
the red went one way,
the blue another,
whiting out the United
in United States.
The light was extinguished,
and America fought
this new civil war
influenced by the invaders.

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