For the Love of Spirits

Bushwhackers rang in her 21st birthday,
cactuswhackers, her 30th.
Just as coffee got her through the days,
wine got her through her nights.
Beer got her through her husband’s
never-ending football games,
just as whiskey got her relaxed enough
to reciprocate in bed
when her work followed her home
and seemed to bleed into the sheets.
Bourbon got her through the holidays,
and rum was the magic ingredient
for her “Rave Reviews Cake.”
Her best friend came in many forms—
in different packages,
and concentrations—
and was always there for her
but for a price.
She knew that sometimes you had to say no,
even to your best friend,
because there was a time for everything—
a time to be sober,
and a time to be relaxed,
but never a time to be drunk,
for nothing good ever came of it.

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