Fiction Friday: Micropoetry from the Book

Mother was a woman with a past,
David, a future,
& all this time,
they had been trying to meet in the middle-
in the here & now.

Biblical history repeated itself in my biological parent,
in my spiritual parent,
for what Leah had done to Jacob in the Old Testament,
David had done to Mother
in this new dispensation.

My minor years were spent being fed lies,
my major years, sifting out the truth,
which was nothing more than fool’s gold.

My father had wanted to die,
even as my mother had wanted him to die.
There had been no one left to fight for him,
only his daughters to love him.

I wanted my mother.
With all her sins,
I wanted her.
Though years would die
before I would learn
that she had not,
wanted me.

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