Fiction Friday: Micropoetry from the Book


I was to be sealed to Mother & David,
only to be sealed to another man someday.
We were linked not individually by God,
but as units,
linked to one another by His authority.

I hadn’t been touched by an angel,
but by earthly messengers,
if not their message.
Yet, was it not that message
that had shaped them
into the angels they were?

Every night,
Mother prayed that God would keep Caitlin
Alive long enough to accept the gospel,
& my heart was joyful,
for she would live forever,
as Mother’s mustard seed faith
filled an entire jar.

My life could be seen in terms of insurance:
Mother was term life,
having expired long ago,
but David—
I would pay for him my entire life.

We stood on the outside,
looking in,
sharing a life
while witnessing a death.
Our reflections looked like
lost souls,
found in one another.

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