The Drs. Zeus

When the 9 daughters of Zeus
taught at the Colossal Muse School,
Erato instructed them how to make notes
rather than take them,
even as New Age Melete taught them
how to shut up & listen.
Husky-voiced Calliope taught them
how to be long-winded,
even as Clio tended to repeat herself.
Euterpe paired with Aoede,
Euterpe speaking when she should sing,
& Aoede singing when she should speak.
Worshipful Polyhymnia tried to muddy
the separation of Church & State.
Melpomene just became a dramedy queen.
Starstruck Terpsichore danced with the stars
while stargazer Urania danced under the “real stars.”
Thalia tried her best to turn it all into a farce,
but Mneme was the master teacher,
for she taught them all
how to remember it all.

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