A Sketchy Love Story

She was a composite sketch artist,
helping witnesses & survivors
piece together portraits of the
person or persons responsible
for crimes against humanity.
He was a caricaturist,
setting up his booth at carnivals, festivals, & fairs,
delighting children & adults
with his portrayals that
exaggerated their humanity.
When he stole her heart,
she drew a picture of him
& put it on a WANTED poster,
even as he drew her
& put it on a “Have You Seen this Woman?” flier.
When they found each other–
somewhere between the police station
& the county fair,
they were holding the valentines
that had brought them together.

2 thoughts on “A Sketchy Love Story

    • Thank you, Stuart! These things just totally pop in my head at random. I’ll hear a word that I don’t hear everyday, and a story will come whooshing with it!

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