Micropoetry Monday: The Lighter Side

When the black widow
married the brown recluse,
they made an agreement:
She would leave him alone &
he would play dead,
making their Web site
a happy one.

When Complement Sandwich
met Knuckle Sandwich,
neither believed the other cut the mustard,
until they met Open-Faced Sandwich—
after which the 2 decided to bury the bread knife &
initiate Open-Faced into the menu
by giving him a complimentary knuckle sandwich.

When Kit Feline took Kitty Katzenberg
to see Guess What’s Coming Up for Dinner?
she decided that supper after the show
was no longer appealing.
She ditched him for Fluffy McFurry,
who was in the next room,
spinning yarns that turned into
hilariously ugly Christmas sweaters.

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