Fiction Friday: Micropoetry from the Book


For he would love her for eternity,
which meant he was lost to me forever;
he would take her to the temple,
& only through Mother’s death—
not his—
would he be able to obtain
a second sealing.

To watch an atheist in prayer,
was to witness a truth—
a truth that was shielded with the lie
that there was no God,
but rather,
the idea of Him.

The New Millennium
ushered in a New Era—
an era of women’s meetings,
of volunteer callings,
& enduring to the end.

David did not promise me many mansions,
but one.
He did not promise me his mansion,
but a room in it—
a place at his table.

The Church was the lie
that led me to the truth
that was David Dalton’s
everlasting love.

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