Micropoetry Monday: Opposites


The Shutterfly edition

He buried hatchets,
even as she dug up bones.
He mended little white picket fences,
even as she tore them asunder.
He helped the 2 or more rights
who could still make a wrong,
even as she helped those
who had been wronged,
for whom the only way to make it right
was to unearth the truth
& put the wrongdoer in its place.

She was a data miner,
he, a gold miner,
but when she led him
to the source
where he could dig up dirt
on someone
whose pockets were as deep
as the Grand Canyon,
he realized she’d led him to
a real goldmine.

He was on a power trip
while she put people on guilt trips,
which made him
the vacationer most likely
to meet his end
rather than his destination
& her,
the travel agent from Hell on Earth.

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