In Praise of Allyson Rey Kelly

There are licorice lollies & Turkish Delights aplenty
for the President & Executive Director,
a little bit of this & a lot of that
for the other VIPs–
these community organizers
who meet & make Big Things happen
for the little people.
Ms. Kelly’s uniform is a stiff, navy blue blazer,
her lunch,
a cup of coffee hastily made by her eager assistant
& a grab-and-go sandwich,
grabbed & gotten by said assistant
on her own time.
Her life is serialized into board meetings–
after the other
In place of family photos,
there is a flattering caricature of herself
on the cover of South Alabama magazine.
Torso-sized & framed in silver,
the headline reads:
Allyson R. Kelly–a disciple of our time?
She laughs at all the right moments
& at all the right things
& with all the right people.
Her words are measured
as if she is making a souffle.
She does not understand the little creative writer
who sits at her desk quietly;
she cannot conceive of why she writes words
that do not inspire others to give money
to someone other than the writer herself.
In her world,
there are big raisers, big givers,
& those who serve both.
Allyson doesn’t bleed
but hemorrhages all over the pages
the writer gives to her,
for she is a little christ,
bleeding for the sins
of the little writer
whose words–
written all in fun–
will never compete
with all the good A.R.K. makes happen
with the words she speaks.

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