#Fiction Friday: #Novelines from the Book


A playground was a spooky place this time of night.  The ponies on springs looked baleful & clown-like, the spiral slide menacing as it loomed like a large serpent.

The cacophony of shattering glass & smoke blitzed me like a thousand points of light in a thick fog. 

David brought his spirit with him, & I luxuriated in the essence that was his.  He was like a wise man, bearing gifts of comfort & joy, but those were the mere gifts—the true gift was the man himself.

Though I’d always been awed at the beauty of the ceremony & tradition, I was looking forward to the sweet simplicity of a LDS Christmas program that I was to be a part of. 

I’d never had an extended family, but in its place, I’d been given a Church family.  My mother had chosen them, & by default, they had chosen me.

Those days leading up to Christmas in the year of 1999 were the happiest of my life.  Though I hadn’t been “born in the covenant,” I felt I had found the Church that I had been made for.

I accepted that Elder Roberts & I weren’t meant to be, simply because the Church said so.  I found it was easier to live without questioning everything, even though I felt a little part of me die each time I did not.

I wanted to believe so much that in a way I almost did, yet at the time, I had thought that good feeling was the Spirit telling me that what I was seeing, hearing & feeling was true.

For one night, my mother & I were more alike than me & David.  We wanted to be a forever family, not because we loved one another but because we both loved David.


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