Summer Writing Mini-Workshops: On Blogging


Invest in yourself by investing in your blog, losing the Having a site that is just the name of your blog plus .com is much more professional.  This upgrade is extremely affordable (just a little over $2 a month). As for the design, it’s okay if your blog is a constant work in progress.  Don’t wait until you can afford a professional photographer or web designer. Get started today!

Don’t put slideshows on your blog. People would much rather scroll down than wait for the next screen to load. 99% of the time, I click off a site that uses this device and google for the same information elsewhere.

Nothing is more annoying than going to a blog that uses gifs (things like that are for tweets and Facebook comments) or worse, music/noise.  The latter is why I keep my speakers turned off–just like I hit the mute button on commercials.

Be aware of what posts capture readers. I’ve found that my book reviews far outpace my poetry posts as books have a built-in readership (and many more read fiction over poetry).

This article got over 3500 views, and I believe it’s because it’s a “How-To” article. We live in a self-help, DIY society.

Because of the boring nature of most LinkedIn articles, I decided to close my account and focus on Facebook (friends and family I actually see) and Instagram (which welcomes a much higher degree of creativity).

It’s okay to share posts, but never reblog, as you’re only promoting them, not yourself.  Don’t give someone free real estate on your virtual space. If you want to respond to a post with your own, you can post a link back to it, and then write your own take, as you are benefitting from their “writing prompt.”

Unlike writing for a newspaper, it is better to use your own quotes in your blog post rather than someone else’s; you only boost their brand by sharing their words rather than elevating your own.

If you have an old post that would add clarity to or enhance a new post, backlink it. Backlinking is a fantastic way to bring attention to past posts.

Double check the links on your blog occasionally. Whenever I discover a broken link on another blog, I think the administrator doesn’t update their site very often, and so I won’t go back again (assuming there will be no updated content).

Here are 15 reasons why every author should have a blog.

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