Book Review: Fox the Tiger

Foxy tiger

As part of my Post-K Summer Reading Boot Camp:

Fox the Tiger is a collection of sweet, colored-pencil drawings accompanied with a simple message:  Admire traits in others while remembering that you have traits others admire.   

This book used four of my favorite animals in children’s literature:  foxes, turtles, rabbits, and squirrels, as well as two things my daughter loves:  race cars (she actually likes monster trucks but close enough) and robots.  

The squirrel at the end was sweet, though I would’ve liked a tiger (what the fox wished/pretended to be) to make an appearance and show his appreciation for one of the fox’s traits. However, it’s pretty cool that the squirrel saw the exact same qualities in the fox as the fox did in the tiger.

The repetition may seem tedious (and less fun than Dr. Seuss), but this is necessary for an “I Can Read” book; if there are different words on every page, such would make memorization difficult.  

My daughter enjoyed this one, and so did I, which is the Holy Grail of children’s books.  It’s like “The Dating Game” when a woman’s looks choice and personality choice belong to the same man.

A great choice for early readers!

Suggested activity:  My daughter loves robots, and you can build robots out of practically anything:  There is a lot you can do with old cereal boxes, aluminum foil, and baby food jar lids.  Although it would be fun to build the real thing, if you’re on a budget, this is a great way to get your children interested in robotics, which blend technology and creativity.

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