Summer Writing Mini-Workshop: Writing Tips


Write for yourself; edit for others. Write sleepy; edit rested.

Save everything. If a stanza doesn’t fit in one poem, don’t force it in. Not every piece has to be part of the same puzzle, and you already have a “springboard” for another piece.

Not all lessons are learned from life itself but rather, its imitations.

A resume tells potential employers what you can do; a portfolio shows them. 

You will not get paid for everything you write, but everything you write that gets published (other than on your personal blog) can help build up your portfolio.

Writing is a way of taking the outside in and then putting it back out in a way that resonates with readers.

If you love it, chances are someone else will, too.

Writing is telling your story; reporting is telling their story.

We teach what we know, and share what we know with the world.

Good old-fashioned storytelling with compelling characters will endure far longer than a story that is told with only a “twist ending” in mind. It’s not just about dessert but every course leading up to it.

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