Micropoetry Monday: The Lighter Side

When Sticky Fingers Sal & Pickpocket Pearl
were strolling out of Curl Up & Dye,
Sal, distracted by a Grammar Nazi on strike,
slipped & fell into a plot hole.
Pearl, always quick with her hands,
reached into the man’s pocket
& stole the ultimate weapon–
his dangling modifier.
She held it down for Sal who,
even after her rescue,
just wouldn’t let go of it.

He was a prankster,
she, a punster.
He played a good game
while she talked one.
As she made friends,
he made enemies,
for the pen with which
she penned her wit
was mightier
than his edge
for pissing people off,
because the latter was

Goofus had the workmanship,
Doofus, the showmanship.
When “GooDoo” went on Shark Tank,
they were unstoppable–
until they met the beautiful forger
with the handsome penmanship
who took them to the cleaners,
leaving them not only blue-balled,
but completely blackballed
from the Rotary Club.

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