For Her

In Spain, surrounded by toys.jpg

For the child whose mother served her country
& whose dad served her burnt meals,
winning the genetic lottery
meant being born to parents who loved her.
For the young woman who retired early,
sleep was neither a waste of time nor a pastime—
it was what made wake time better.
For the gainfully unemployed,
work was not just about doing what she loved,
but about what she had to give to it.
For the artiste & poetess,
education wasn’t just STEM,
but about the humanities that humanized society—
the creativity & imagination that enhanced the earthly existence.
For the wife who was still in love with her husband,
a soul-mate wasn’t someone who always understood her,
but was someone who loved her
despite not always understanding her.
For the college mom who turned down the chance to study abroad,
children were blessings that did not come
without sacrificing a selfish part of themselves—
sacrifice that was without regret.
For the middle-aged widow staring at a stack of bills,
being rich meant having everything she needed,
& a little bit more.
For the elderly lady who was healed,
health was the most precious wealth,
for with vibrant health,
she had the wherewithal to do all things.

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