Summer Writing Mini-Workshop: On Social Media (For Writers)


Have several channels through which you share your writing, be it your blog (anything goes here), Facebook page (I share writing tips and links to articles I like, including mine), Goodreads (for book reviews), LinkedIn (for business-type articles), and Instagram (poetry), but don’t have more social media accounts than you need or can keep up with.

It’s okay to share other people’s posts on your social media accounts, but NEVER reblog; you’re only promoting their work by doing this (commenting on a Medium article, however, is another story). Don’t give someone free real estate in your virtual space.

Simplification is multiplication. More than five minutes on one social network promoting your writing is excess currency better spent working on a piece to submit to a paying publication.

If you try to create brand-new content for every social media outlet, you are already spending too much time on social media.

Streamline your writing life. Get rid of social media accounts you don’t use, and clear out virtual clutter.

If you haven’t started a blog, do so. Think of it as an online portfolio. On days you don’t post, share an old post on your other social media sites. 

Sometimes, a blog post can double as a LinkedIn article. (I call that getting two for the price of one.) However, post the entire article separately on your LinkedIn account. No one likes clicking on your article and then being redirected to your blog. However, you can add links to related articles at the bottom.

Before applying for a writing job, ensure your LinkedIn profile is updated (with a current headshot—not “you” ten years younger and twenty pounds lighter) and that your portfolio is diverse (I included a flyer, newspaper article, and press release, among others, in mine). Never include personal blog posts in your portfolio—only professionally published pieces.

Use links to other sites to enhance search engine optimization, and always let other writers know when you have linked them. They will appreciate the credit. 

Social media is a free way to promote your book and yourself as a brand. Seek to soft sell by entertaining, but do not send private messages to people you don’t know, asking them to like your Facebook page, follow them on YouTube, etc.

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