Summer Writing Mini-Workshop: On Blogging


If you want time to write, you must prioritize your time. I only respond in-kind to the bloggers who comment on my blog, rather than those who simply like a post.

Backlinking to previous blog posts can garner new attention for older ones.

Poets read poetry, but most everyone will read a story. My personal essays tend to get the most views, despite their length.

Every author should have a blog, and here are 15 reasons why.

Food writing is popular. There are entire blogs dedicated to chocolate. If you’re including a recipe, don’t post pictures of every step, which can be frustrating when someone just wants the recipe and has to scroll a long way down to get to it.

We’ve gone from cupcakes to cake pops. People like their information bite-sized. Top 10 (or 20) Lists will often capture your readers.

Keep your author page updated. You can’t be 30-something forever.

Not being a photographer or illustrator, I must get creative with my images. Never publish a blog post without an image. Avoiding stock photography has forced me to become more creative with visuals.

When all else fails, write about writing (review a book, a short story, etc.). At least you will be writing (not rewriting what they wrote).

Don’t publish more than 10% of what you write on your blog (unless your blog makes money). Don’t give it all away for free. I publish a fair amount of poetry and non-fiction on mine but absolutely no short stories.


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