Micropoetry Monday: Anti-Love Story

Dark heart

Her wedding had been a bright dot
on the timeline of her life,
her divorce, a dark one.
The line connecting the two
turned clear,
for the way it had all gone down
had blurred the happy memories
they once shared.

When he was alive,
she was a hypersomniac,
for she slept to escape him through dreams
that led her into the arms of her dreamboat,
but when he died,
he haunted those dreams,
driving her to insomnia,
& into the arms of the man
who would become her lifeboat.

He chased ambulances,
she chased dreams,
but when he helped her see that
the new American Dream
was as shallow as suing those
with deep pockets,
she got herself a settlement
to pay for law school,
becoming a bank breaker for some
& a dream maker for others.

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