Micropoetry Monday: Absurdity


When Highbrow Stage
met Lowbrow Telly,
they, as part of their community service
for the passionless crimes
they’d perpetrated against one another,
pooled their talents & created
The Unibrow Arts & Entertainment Station (UAE),
that is,
until Mrs. Tweezedale came along
& plucked it.

He had loved copper-haired Kroma
with a ticker stronger than the Tin Man’s,
for she had been the perfect spouse,
but on their silver anniversary,
when his seemingly ageless wife was in
an automobile accident,
& all that was left of her
was a melted metal face,
he realized that she had been
his golden calf—
programmed to hide
her artificial intelligence,
even as his ex-wife
had revealed her real intelligence,
shattering that which was most fragile:
the male ego.

Leif dove into the ocean
for sunken treasure;
Indy dug into the earth
for buried treasure;
but when they sunk their family jewels
into Esmerelda Goldenblatt,
they realized too bloody late
that she was a jewel thief.

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