Micropoetry Monday: Absurdity


When Lefty Lucy conspired with Tidy Whitey
to sneak into Diamond Jem’s
to steal the family jewels,
rather than lay in wait in nooks & crannies,
they were burgled & busted
by crooks & nannies.

She was a comedienne—
the queen of comic relief—
with a crown of tangled hair
that never looked so great.
He was a tragedian—
a king of tragic grief—
whose crown tended to slip
from his bald pate.
When this Life of the Party
& this Death of any Party
decided to crash the
Prosperity Gospel sheep
& the Dale Carnegie peeps
in an old jalopy
at 90 miles an hour,
they scattered wool & feathers
all over the Take-a-Wish Foundation hall—
the taste of charred chicken
& the smell of singed mutton
lingering in their wake.

Lucinda was a witch
who was always casting
a hot spell;
Lucien was an irksome fellow
whose allergies
often resulted in a cold snap.
When they crossed paths
(& one another)
at a climate change
singles mixer
(no breeding allowed),
they saw each other’s grass
as greener
& decided to make it work:
“in rain or shine,
in hurricane or blizzard,
for as long as their planet
shall live.”

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