Micropoetry Monday: The Lighter Side

The Lighter Side

When Stuffed Shirt met Fancy Pants,
they realized they coordinated perfectly.
When they crossed the beaten path
with Mr. Overalls,
feeling like they were better than him
because he said y’all rather than
whatever the hell it was they said,
he, with his denim wisdom, told them
that at least he didn’t need no belt
to keep it all together.

When Brookie Crowney,
as part of her parole,
joined Chocoholics Anonymous
for chewing up BonBon Bailey’s candy ass,
the support group was forced
to change its name,
for Brookie just wouldn’t
shut the fudge up about it.

When Cursive met Print,
Print lamented about feeling disconnected,
to which Cursive replied,
“At least people understand you.”

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