Micropoetry Monday: Children of the Blue and the Gray

Children of the Blue and the Gray

The Shutterfly edition

Her lawyer read over every email,
every contract,
& every employee handbook,
looking for loopholes she could fall through.
When she found the humdinger of them all,
slipping through it like a cheaply-wrapped stick of hot butter,
she spent her way through America,
redistributing her wealth by patronizing restaurants
so that all her fat was not redistributed but freshly-distributed
in what was now known as “Corporation Up Front.”

He practiced law
but didn’t follow it.
She practiced Christianity
but didn’t preach it.
They practiced medicine
but wouldn’t take it.
When they found each other,
they found the one thing
they could take—
each other’s inability
to do themselves
what they told others
to do.

He was a playboy,
she, a working girl.
Though they were in the biz,
they were also camera shy,
but what they believed
would be their undoing
would have been their alibi.

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