Summer mini-writing workshop: On blogging and social media


One thing I did over winter break was deleting all the stock photography on my blog, replacing it with my photography, graphic designs, or, for my Writer’s Digest poems, screenshots of the Writer’s Digest logo (but only as a temporary placeholder). I’m also removing all the hashtags from my blog posts (as the posts already include tags), resulting in a cleaner, more professional look. For the posts I updated (before I imported them to Medium Daily Digest), I made sure to include “updated on MM/DD/YYYY” at the bottom, as certain information might have been amended or added that was unknown at the time the original post was published.

Since I started publishing on Medium Daily Digest, I have been getting more hits on my blog. It isn’t just a great medium (pun purely intended) for publishing your work, but there are many interesting articles available (for a monthly fiver), with the chance to make money on what you post.

If you want the time to write, you must prioritize your time. For example, on my blog, I only respond in kind to the bloggers who comment on my blog, rather than those who simply like a post.

Sometimes, a scholarship essay makes a perfect blog (or LinkedIn) post.

Have several channels through which you share your writing, be it your blog (anything goes here), Facebook page (I share writing tips and links to articles I like, including my own), Goodreads (for book reviews), LinkedIn (for business-type articles and inspirational quotes), and Instagram (screenshot poetry), but don’t have more social media accounts than you need or can keep up with.

Not being a photographer or illustrator, I have to get creative with my images. Never publish a blog post without an image for the same reason people won’t pick up a book without a cover, but ensure the image is relevant to your post. I once read a great tribute to someone’s grandmother with a stock photo of an elderly lady, which cheapened the piece.

Even if you’re not an artist, try your hand at simple art:

Take screenshots of your Shutterfly books: (

Turn trash to treasure: 

I’ve also created humorous epitaphs, funny church signs, and fake newspaper headlines (there are apps for all that) as well as (relevant) quotes with a natural or obscure background ( The great thing about the quotes is that I can post them to LinkedIn, so I get two for the work of one.

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