The Royal Order of Adjectives

When the Royal Order of Adjectives issued its decree,
the caste system was cast:
the Determiner came first,
for pronouns were all the rage;
then Quantity,
for one needed to see how many of these nouns he/she/they/xe/xem were dealing with:
how many persons and/or things were in how many places
(or how many things were in how many persons & vice versa);
Opinion squeezed in third,
for it just had to be heard (but not quite over the numbers);
Size mattered but not as much as one’s opinion of it;
Age was just a number in May–December romances,
in which size trumped mileage;
Shape defined one’s lines & curves (& if those lines were super acute or downright obtuse);
Color filled in what was in these curves (like coloring books done right);
Origin/material was the stuff of what all those lines & colors were made of
(for all are more than the shape of their body or the color of their skin);
but the Qualifier,
closest to the noun it was describing,
gave the noun its true identity,
showing that the last shall be first & the first shall be last,
for as important as pronouns were,
they weren’t fully qualified to describe a noun.

On a separate Post-It, the sentence, “Our single sassy 25-years-young hourglass-shaped whitish fleshy female human was making time with the married 50-year-old quarterback-built tannish fleshier male human,” did not tell but certainly showed why it was best to limit oneself to three adjectives for describing one noun.

For more information on the Royal Order of Adjectives:,the%20Royal%20Order%20of%20Adjectives.

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