Summer mini-writing workshop: Writing ideas


Just as Law & Order rips from the headlines, it’s perfectly acceptable to, as Mark Twain would say, “distort them [facts] as you please.”

Pick a subject and tear it apart.

Lists may not be literary, but they can be useful. They can serve as reminders of what is most important.

There are beauty and symmetry in numbers. There would be no world without them.

Even if you’re not a child, read children’s books. You might be inspired like I was with Oh, the Places You Will Go!

How would the world be different if we weren’t allowed to create any lasting memories? Would every day be a new adventure, or would our days lose meaning?

Inside each of us is a universe. Write about one of the stars.

We’re all broken. Pick up one of the pieces and place it somewhere else.

Maria von Trapp had her favorite things. Oprah has her favorite things. If you love it, chances are someone else will, too.

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