Micropoetry Monday: Opposites


The Shutterfly edition

Bubba was checkers on the front porch,
Barron, chess in the parlor.
For the former,
the kings ruled the board,
the latter,
the queens,
but for 99-year-old Smithy Norville,
anyone who could move backwards,
or diagonally
had the all power,
for they could cut a rug
like Fred & Ginger.

He was the king of mugshots,
she, the queen of Glamour Shots.
She helped him make love to the courtroom cameras,
even as he taught her how to BOLO for Bertha,
who fancied herself as Bubba’s main squeeze.
His photos ended up on his momma’s fridge,
even as her gilt-framed portraits ended up over her father’s fireplace,
illuminated by candles on the mantle,
which explained why Lefty Shakes & Merlynne Munroe were
the way they were.

She was the Countess of Persiflage,
he, the Earl of Earnestness.
She was as funny
as he was funny-looking,
& they made a living off each other—
with her making fun of him
& he,
making her life less fun
with his habitual heckling.

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