Summer mini-writing workshop: Writing tips


We all have something in our lives that makes living easier or better. For me, those things would be air conditioning, online bill pay, and, of course, coffee.

Write a love letter to something you are running out of. Show your appreciation.

Think of how much the world has changed in 1000 years (or even 100 years). Now, imagine how much it will change in so many years. Don’t worry about listing everything; just pick one thing and expand on it.

When you write from life, you become a data miner. I save emails, newsletters, photos of random things, fliers, quotes, links, obituaries/newspaper clippings, and even job descriptions. This piece, for example, was inspired by some of the event fliers I saw posted on bulletin boards around campus.

Jot down a list of mysterious titles like The Magician’s Daughter or The Undertaker’s Wife and write their story, never using their name. It worked for the second Mrs. DeWinter in Rebecca.

Hilarity ensues when there is a miscommunication about an object’s intended purpose.

Think of something you hate, and figure out how to repurpose it in such a way that you love it.

Grammarly is an incredible resource. This article has some great ideas if you’re stuck.

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