Summer mini-writing workshop


There is a story behind every new technology.

Just as Cecil B. DeMille believed you could take a page out of the Bible and make a movie, grab a medical coding book and find something to write about (other than cancer, unless it’s a memoir). The complexities of the human mind and body are vast.

Rather than write a movie review, write a poem about it. It still requires analysis on a deeper level.

“Just So” type stories (a la Rudyard Kipling) have always helped me answer questions no one ever thought to ask.

Write about something that seems like a contradiction but isn’t.

The metaphor is what poetess Kim Addonizio refers to as the shimmer. Make a list of your favorite things and come up with metaphors for each.

Pick a line from one of your previous works. If doing this sparks a series, tie the last poem in with the first. This is a great exercise because you never begin with a blank page.

Serve up a slice of Americana.

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