Micropoetry Monday: Opposites


The Shutterfly edition

He was chess,
she, checkers.
He was Ivy League,
she, bowling league.
While the former appreciated her
like a museum exhibit—
a look-see into a ferly world—
the latter saw him not so much
as out of her league,
but as her way out
of the bowling league.

She spent her life writing her memoirs,
he, painting self-portraits.

They were 2 of a kind,
for she saw her readers
as wanting to be her friend
or live a life like hers,
even as he saw his viewers
as either wanting to look like him
or wanting someone who looked like him.

He was a blacksmith,
she, a wordsmith.
The objects he crafted,
people had to hold in their hands,
but the words she created
could be held in their hearts

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