Micropoetry Monday: Opposites


The Shutterfly edition

Jack Went Up, Jill Went Down

He was a mountain climber,
she, a social one.
He treaded over treacherous terrain,
she, over treacherous,
sometimes lecherous,
Nature was as unpredictable
as people were not,
but he would take being put-off
by the weather
to having to put-on
for anyone.

Siggy was a psychologist,
Jane, an anthropologist.
He saw people for their minds,
she, their matter.
After a bottle of chilled champagne
& two dozen oysters on ice,
some cerebral gymnastics
& bone jumping that was quite fantastic,
she looked down at him & said,
“You love me for my matter
as much as I love you for your mind.”

When American Coffee Mug met English Teacup,
it was contempt at first sip,
for Mug thought Teacup was an old bag,
much too steeped in her own snobbery,
whereas Teacup thought Mug was crude
& much too unfiltered,
but when they were bounced out of Canada
for disturbing the Justice of the Peace,
they expatriated a second time,
ending up in Australia,
only to end up getting iced.

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