Micropoetry Monday: Opposites


The Shutterfly edition

She ran an ice cream parlor,
he, a funeral parlor.
When they went on a double date
with a couple of California Rum Raisins
whom they didn’t give a fig about,
she found that he didn’t mind her cold hands,
even as he educated her on the difference between
a creamery & a crematory.

When Vertica Elle & Horizonta Elle,
fraternal (if not sororal)
twin sisters of the Axis family,
decided to open competing libraries,
Vertica, with her stacks,
& Horizonta, with her scatters,
Vertica triumphed,
with her 5 storeys to Horizonta’s 1,
for she proved that going deep
would always trump going wide.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith
had made it their life’s mission
to keep up with the Joneses,
but when the Joneses
went viral,
they decided to
socially distance themselves
from these fat cats—
who were all whiskers
& no beard—
& minded no one’s business
but their own,
realizing how blessed they were
to be able to do so from home.

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