Micropoetry Monday: Opposites


The Shutterfly edition

When Mr. Math Whiz
met Ms. Spelling Bee,
they were at odds,
which put them at ends,
because for him,
everything had to be equal,
even as for her,
everything had to be spelled out.

She was bus schedules,
he, flight plans.
She ate out of brown paper bags
from the Dollar Dive,
he, off white china
not made in China.
When her bus turned over
& his plane went down,
they were the sole survivors
whose guilt
pointed them in different directions–
towards one another–
& they realized that what class & education
had separated,
spilt blood & broken bones
had brought together.

He was suburban scrawl,
she, exurban murals,
When they made
a cosmic connection
via a sandwich artist
in Seedy City,
they painted the town
in every shade of red.
To him,
it was just red,
but to her,
Seedy was now every shade
in the Revlon rainbow.

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