Micropoetry Monday: Opposites


The Shutterfly edition

He was a cat burglar,
she, a dognapper.
When they were caught bird-flipping
& tossed into jail for petty theft,
they decided to revamp their image
by turning vegan—
only to revert to their old ways
to pay for all the supplements
& mock meat products
they now had to buy.

Sullivan’s Travelogue

He was a true-crime writer,
shining a flashlight on the darkness
of human hearts;
she was a romance humorist,
writing feel-good stories
that set hearts alight.
He saw her as an intellectual lightweight—
until he met her & realized
that the world needed her stories
because it was already full of his.
He gave the world what they already knew,
but she gave them something to believe in.

When the Mothers of Invention
met the Fathers of Reinvention,
with their book smarts about schools
& street smarts about prisons—
created a generation
who could rock the jailhouse
& roll with the sucker-punches.

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