Micropoetry Monday: Opposites


The Shutterfly edition

She was coffee shops & happy beginnings,
he, bars & happy endings.
After his sown oats
were ready to be tamed into oatmeal,
he realized that the strings of
had been the raisins
but the manicurist—
with her raging perk
for this aging soda jerk—
was the cookie.

He was the King of Tautologies,
she, the Queen of Brevity.
When they crossed paths
on their way to the Capitol,
she soon became sick of him
spelling everything out for her,
even as he grew tired
of trying to read between her lines,
so they parted as frenemies,
where he ended up writing for cable news,
for newspapers,
as people were willing to watch (if not listen)
a lot more
than they were willing to read.

When Dr. Sawbones met Dr. Jawsmith,
Saw had a bone to pick with Jaw
over her silver fillings turned green,
making Jaw want to fight her
tooth & fingernail,
but when it came down to it,
Saw didn’t have the backbone
& Jaw didn’t have the bite.

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