Art for Art’s Sake

I have found that people who think #art is a waste of time are missing out (and maybe have something missing!). Art teaches you how to be a creative thinker (a skill not limited to artistic endeavors). Art gives introverts (like me) a way to express themselves. For me, my art (writing) has been a great confidence builder. My closest friends I have met through my love of writing. This love led me to my dream job so that I could be a stay-at-home mom. Art has also helped me #homeschool my daughter with #autism in a fun way that she can understand. Art (and music) are even used in therapy to help patients cope with and heal from trauma. Art is not just an imitation of life but a part of life that’s as much about the process (maybe even more so) than the product. It is intrinsically valuable, even if it isn’t commercially valuable. If it gives us joy, then it has paid for itself.

The first picture is a bug (on a LEGO storage box). There isn’t a surface in our house that she wouldn’t add a smiley to.

The second is a “tornado spider,” drawn on a whiteboard.

The third is “mod art,” made from torn construction paper scribbled with crayons and tacked to the fridge with LEGO magnets.

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