Micropoetry Monday: Love Story

When Ms. Mannequin met Mr. Wax Figure,
she thought he was as spiffy as a shiny penny,
but when she took him in her arms,
only for him to melt into a puddle of paraffin—
just as things were starting to get heated up—
she went for Mr. Robot,
for she much preferred his hard bod
of aluminum & steel.
As for the bicentennial man,
this department store dame,
sans AI or any other I,
pressed all the right buttons.

He believed the world was intelligently controlled;
she believed it was utter chaos.
When they collided, sparks flew,
& he began to believe in beautiful random occurrences,
for he saw no reason that they should be together,
except that he wanted to,
even as she began to believe that someone, somewhere,
had planned this for her life
because he was just what she needed.

His life was up in the air,
in outer space exploration;
hers was down in the deep,
in underwater exploration.
The world on land
had too problems
& too many people.
When this astronaut & oceanaut
crossed paths
on the rock upon which
they had built their faith,
he reached new heights,
& she, new depths.
Though neither could see how
they could build a life together,
God threw them a lifeboat
called The Horizon,
so they could live where the sea met the sky—
in a vessel that made him feel like he was flying
& she, floating,
living airily & swimmingly ever after.

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