Micropoetry Monday: Corporate Life


She had gone from board games & blackboards
to editorial boards & whiteboards,
but it was when she became the assistant
of the assistant
of the Executive Director
that she felt like a grown-up—
learning how to differentiate Boards of Governors,
& Trustees.

She had graduated from a world of
labs, lectures, & finals
to the world of
cover letters, resumes, & interviews,
finding that coming-of-age
at any age
still took a certain amount of pushing herself
past her introverted personality
to make the transition successful.

May was the Homecoming Queen,
June, the Valedictorian.
Like the Tigris & the Euphrates,
they went their separate ways—
the first to Lah-Dee-Dah’s Fashion School,
the second, to Harvard Business School,
until meeting up again with a mutual friend,
April March—
a brand storyteller of Instagram fame.
They realized that day,
over plates of AYCE Olive Garden pasta
& a bottle of crappy wine,
that with May’s fashion sense,
June’s business sense,
& April’s nonsense
they could mark their calendars
with black X’s rather than red.

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