Micropoetry Monday: Love Story

The baker’s life was a recipe for success,
for she ensured her goodies had just the right ingredients
& just the right amount of each.
The cook’s life was a disaster,
for his dishes included too much or too little of everything,
including the kitchen sink.
When the baker learned that the cook didn’t know how to read,
she taught him words & numbers through recipes
so that he finally measured up (or rose) to her standards,
even as she was just the right weight,
with all the right measurements
to please his palate.
Through blending sweet with savory,
they learned what it meant
to make beautiful culinary art together.

When Mr. Bookbinder met Miss Novelette,
bearing the leaves of books
rather than the petals of flowers,
she knew it was (literally) a match made
in library heaven,
for flowers would last a week,
but books would last a lifetime.

She was cheese fondue,
chocolate fountains,
& pink champagne with strawberries;
he was cheese in a can,
not-so-fun-sized frozen Snickers,
& cheap beer with pretzels.
When this chef met this line cook,
they didn’t see any way to make it work,
but after sharing a few shots of hard liquor,
they realized they could make anything work—
making love to their palates in the kitchen
& to each other everywhere else.

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