The Lighter Side

When Miss Hubba Bubba (née  Bubbly) finished her bubble dance,
a randy man known as Slingshot—
whom she had chewed out for being handsy—
burst her bubble by popping it with one of his usual barbs,
so Bubbly’s best friend, Skippy,
came along in a jif,
all creamy & extra crunchy,
to unstickify Bubbly’s gummy hair,
telling her, “No ifs, no ands, no buts—
You are getting this peanut butter haircut!”

He was a mad libber,
she, an ad libber.
He helped her fill in the blanks,
even as she helped him think outside the page.
When they decided to tie the knot,
it became so knotted,
it could never be unknotted,
because no one but them
could make sense of what the other said;
in other (random) words,
they were just so knotty,
that they could be nice
for no one else.

Dishy Cupp graduated from Spoon College,
getting her Associate in Scooping, 
then Fork University 
for her Bachelor’s in Spearing,
only to take hybrid courses for a Master’s at Spork,
& realize that her degree was not only useless,
but no one understood what she was for.

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